Towards more sustainable world

FIBS (Finnish Business & Society) is the largest corporate responsibility network in the Nordic countries.  Our purpose is to accelerate responsibility changemakers towards more sustainable world.

For more than 20 years, we have been helping Finnish companies to combine responsibility and business on a practical level.

We believe that the biggest challenges for our planet and our well-being – the climate change, the loss of nature and growing inequality – can be addressed through sustainable and responsible business.

FIBS brings together companies and corporate stakeholders

The key role of FIBS is to bring companies and business stakeholders together to share best sustainability practices and solutions.

FIBS is a unique player in the field of corporate responsibility due to its diverse membership: our network already includes over 400 companies and organizations, among these the 10 largest companies in Finland and dozens of key corporate stakeholders, from NGOs to universities and public sector organizations.

At our events, you can discuss ways to do more impactful business with your colleagues from companies and other organizations. We also cooperate actively both domestically and with international CR networks, such as World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

Best opportunities to develop a sustainable business

FIBS is the leading corporate responsibility event organizer in Finland: we produce dozens of events every year on current responsibility topics, from webinars to workshops. At our events, you can learn about the latest sustainability tools and practices, hear inspiring case examples from different industries, and share information and experiences. In addition to this, our services include a comprehensive news and information service from research reports to newsletters, publications and to dozens of webinar recordings.

We offer companies the best tools to develop responsible and sustainable business practices:

  • Combine resposibility and business on a practical level
  • Get training in the most current sustainability issues
  • Stay up to date on corporate responsibility trends and current practices
  • Be inspired by sustainability surveys and other resources
  • Develop corporate responsibility professionalism for the needs of the 2030s
  • Grow your network, find peer support, and drive systemic change

FIBS members can choose the service package that suits them best: With FIBS Pro services, you can deepen the skills of your entire staff and you’ll get access to all our services. With FIBS Basic services, you will stay up-to-date on corporate responsibility. In addition, all FIBS members can apply to the FIBS Partner Program, through which you can increase your reputation as a top expert in the field by cooperating with FIBS on a long-term basis.

Find out more about our services in 2023 (in Finnish).

FIBS membership is a significant employee benefit and a way to develop your employer brand

FIBS membership is a cost-effective way to develop the knowledge capital of both your employees and your company as a whole, as well as grow job satisfaction: the events and other services included in the FIBS Pro and FIBS Basic service packages are available to every employee of our member companies. Both the top management and the personnel of the various business functions benefit from them, regardless of their job description.

You can also use FIBS membership in building your employer brand reputation: job seekers increasingly expect from employers commitment to sustainability. The employee benefits included in FIBS membership should therefore be highlighted in recruitment communications.

FIBS member satisfaction is top notch

Member satisfaction is the starting point for all our activities. We systematically collect information about our members’ views through event feedback surveys and annual member satisfaction surveys.

The overall rating given to FIBS’s operations by all respondents in the FIBS 2022 Member Satisfaction Survey was 4.1/5,  and as many as 98% of the respondents would recommend FIBS to their colleagues in the field of corporate responsibility.

Join FIBS or take your membership to a new level

All companies and organizations that aim to promote corporate responsibility in their operations can become members of FIBS.

Fill in our membership application form and select the service package that best suits your organization: FIBS Pro or FIBS Basic (FIBS Perus) service. FIBS Pro includes FIBS Basic services.

If your organization is already a member of FIBS, but would like to have access to all FIBS services in the future and join a unique sparring and peer support network, subscribe to the FIBS Pro service using this form.

FIBS administration

FIBS’s operations are developed and supervised by a Board of Directors consisting of representatives of the member companies, which is elected at FIBS’s annual meeting. In 2023, the FIBS Board members are:

  • Nina Jankola-Väntär, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Skanska
  • Kaisa Jungman, Director, Sustainable Business Development, Metso Outotec
  • Terhi Koipijärvi, Senior Advisor, Miltton – Chair of the Board
  • Marjut Lovio, Sustainability Manager, Marimekko
  • Outi Mikkonen, Head of Sustainability, Paree Group
  • Tomas Otterström, Partner, KPMG Finland
  • Laura Puustjärvi, Head of Sustainability, Valmet – Vice Chair of the Board
  • Lea Rankinen, Sustainability, Communications and Public Affairs Business Unit Lead, St1 Nordic Oy

Further information

Please email us at or contact our team:

    • Greta Andersson, Corporate Responsibility Specialist, tel. +358 500 515 115,
    • Milla Honkanen, Specialist, Administration and Finance, tel. +358 45 206 2420,
    • Helena Kekki, Director, tel. +358 50 3451 966,
    • Marja Kurkela, Corporate Responsibility Specialist, tel. +358 40 674 3986,
    • Tarja Laakkonen, Communication Manager, tel. +358 400 877 396,
    • Kira Lahkela, Coordinator, tel. +358 40 191 6255,
    • Mea Lakso, Coordinator, tel. +358 40 865 1285
    • Kimmo Lipponen, CEO, tel. +358 40 758 7247,
    • Heidi Melkas, Corporate Responsibility Specialist, Event Producer, tel. +358 40 359 3214,
    • Nicholas Wardi, Corporate Responsibility Specialist, tel. +358 50 367 5616,
    • Hannaleena Vuorenmaa, Knowledge Management Specialist, tel. +358 50 535 7725,