Companies, Organizations to Develop Responsible Business Together with FIBS

19 syyskuuta 2018

FIBS will start producing corporate responsibility training and events in collaboration with consultants and other expert organizations specializing in different responsibility themes within the framework of the new FIBS Partner program.

FIBS’s Partners in the programme starting in 2019 include CDPDittmar & IndreniusDNV GL Business Assurance Oy AbEnact Sustainable StrategiesEYFitCommIncludia LeadershipKPMG, and Reilukauppa.

The themes of next year’s FIBS Partner programme include supply chain responsibility management and risk management, corporate responsibility law, human rights, integrating responsibility thinking into business, responsibility reporting and communication, and diversity management. In addition, a discussion forum for executive board members is organized.

The expert organizations involved in the Program provide events and training with FIBS for the next two years.

”We look forward to starting co-operation with our new Partners, each of which is a top expert in their own responsibility theme. Co-operation with them is an important opportunity for us to raise our activities to a new level, and to accelerate the growth of sustainable business in Finland, says Helena Kekki, Manager of FIBS’s membership services.

FIBS Partners were selected among the 48 organizations that applied for the program in the spring. The key selection criterion was the organisation’s experience and competence related to the theme, acquired in a corporate context. More FIBS Partners and program themes will be released this fall.

More tailored service for over 320 members

The FIBS Partner Program is part of FIBS’s member service reform aimed at providing FIBS’s growing, more than 320 member network with a more tailored services. Starting next year, FIBS members can choose the service package that suits them best, FIBS Basic or FIBS Pro membership. All FIBS members can apply for FIBS Partner programme.

According to Helena Kekki, the FIBS Partner program benefits both expert organizations and all companies aiming to act responsibility.

”FIBS has always organized individual events in co-operation with its members, and we will continue to do so. However, the two-year Partner programme means that in the future we can plan our member services in the long-term, and respectively companies can better integrate our events and trainings, for instance, into their employee training plans. For FIBS Partners the programme is a unique opportunity to build their reputation as a top expert in a specific responsibility themes.”

FIBS Partners can provide services to FIBS members either in co-operation with FIBS or by funding FIBS’s various projects.

Further information: Helena Kekki, Manager, member services, FIBS, tel. +358503451966, helena.kekki(at)

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