FIBS Partner Program Application 2025-2026

11 huhtikuuta 2024

Apply now to join the FIBS Partner Program by filling out this application form by May 10th, 2024!

The first application round for the FIBS Partner Program for the years 2025-2026 has started.

FIBS once again offers its members the opportunity to build a reputation as a top expert in sustainability or various corporate responsibility themes, expand their networks, and profile themselves as drivers of sustainable business in Finland.

Within the FIBS Partner program, you can engage in long-term collaboration with us, for example, by educating our members on the most current corporate responsibility issues or by building joint projects to help integrate sustainability and business at a practical level.

As a FIBS Partner, you will

  • Build your reputation as a top expert in corporate responsibility or in specific corporate responsibility themes
  • Expand your network within companies relevant to your business
  • Become profiled as an accelerator of sustainable business in Finland

How does the FIBS Partner programme work?

The organization selected as a partner produces FIBS services or activities related to a specific theme for organizations within FIBS’s scope of operation, either through collaboration with FIBS or by financing FIBS’s activities.

The theme and content of each partnership are agreed upon in detail with each partner separately. Partners are expected to contribute approximately 15 days of work (pro bono) or an equivalent financial contribution, or a combination of both, per partnership year.

A detailed agreement is made with each partner. Examples of partnership activities may include joint events such as webinars, small group meetings or training sessions, corporate responsibility studies or research, communication and advocacy campaigns or financing FIBS projects.

Themes of FIBS Partner programme 2025-2026

FIBS is now seeking Partners especially for cooperation projects and services that help our members achieve the following key sustainability goals:

  • Climate: Identification, assessment, and reduction of climate impacts throughout the value chain (intermediate, and advanced levels)
  • Climate: Training program related to setting and achieving science-based net-zero goals (for beginners)
  • Nature: Identification, assessment, and reduction of ecological impacts especially in the value chain, as well as support for nature-positive business practices (combination of webinars and training sessions, for beginners and advanced)
  • Nature: Identification, assessment, and reduction of water-related impacts throughout the value chain (combination of webinars and training sessions, for beginners and advanced)
  • Human Rights: Training program on key perspectives and solutions in human rights work
  • Diversity: Establishment and facilitation of a diversity task force aiming to promote ambitious diversity efforts among participants
  • Diversity: Training program on key perspectives and solutions in diversity, equity, and inclusion work
  • Reporting: Sustainability reporting training program for beginners
  • Reporting: Sustainability reporting training program for advanced users
  • Reporting and Risks: managing and leveraging sustainability data and ESG risks
  • Regulation: To prepare for changes in corporate sustainability legislation

Prospective Partners can also propose themes outside this list that they believe support FIBS members’ journey towards sustainability.

Benefits, Practices, and Selection Criteria

Information about the benefits, practices, and selection criteria of the FIBS Partner program can be found FIBS Partner programme 2025-2026

You can find information about the visibility benefits for FIBS Partners here.

Interested? Here’s how to apply for the FIBS Partner program

Fill out the application form by May 10, 2024 here.

Submitting an application is not binding, as FIBS will have further discussions with applicants. Partners will be selected during the fall of 2024. FIBS reserves the right to make changes.

Does the FIBS Partner program seem too extensive?

Would you still like to gain visibility for your expertise and services among FIBS members? In the future, FIBS will increasingly leverage the expertise of its members in service production. In addition to the Partner program, we can collaborate or acquire expertise as a service for individual events and occasions.

Please reach out if you’re interested in collaborating on specific projects with us, and let’s discuss the possibilities further.

If you have a particularly useful, already developed, and individual solution that FIBS members should definitely be aware of, tell us about it, and you will have the opportunity to join our webinar series. Read more here and send us information about your solution! (in Finnish only) 

More information:

We’d be happy to tell you more about the FIBS Partner programme. Contact Kimmo or Helena:

Kimmo Lipponen, 040 758 7247,

Helena Kekki, 050 3451 966,

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