Black Lives Matter: What Finnish Leaders Need to Know

20 lokakuuta 2020

The Black Lives Matter movement has lifted race into work life discussions and led corporations worldwide to take an active stance against racism. However, in Finland most companies have still remained silent. In this FIBS Webinar, organized together with our Partner Includia Leadership, we learnt about how to recognize racism and got ideas about what you as an employer, team leader and colleague can do to work against it.

The webinar was facilitated by Jonna Louvrier, Founder and CEO of Includia Leadership and Emma Jelley, Leadership Coach and Advisor at Jelleyworks. Visiting panelists were Rasheka Scott, Senior Legal Counsel and Global IP & Technology Lead at Fondia Oyj, Michaela Moua, Project Manager at the Ministry of Justice and Hunderra Assefa, Business Director at Medipulssi.

Watch the webinar recording:

Download the presentation material:

Jonna Louvrier, Includia Leadership and Emma Jelley, Jelleyworks: Black Lives Matter: What Finnish Leaders Need to Know

Michaela Moua, Ministry of Justice: Non-discrimination (report findings)

Mentimeter results: What is your key take-away? What action will you take?

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