Business and Human Rights Group 4/4: What to do when we find harm: Responses and remedy

20 tammikuuta 2023

Once a company has identified human rights harm, it is expected to address it. Addressing it can be preventing future harm, mitigating ongoing harm, or compensating for past harm. 

In this FIBS Practice session, organized as part of the Business and Human Rights Group 2022 in partnership with Enact Sustainable Strategies,  the group discussed how to address human rights harms and heard examples of remedy cases. 

The event was led by Reetta Loponen from Enact Sustainable Strategies and opened by Greta Andresson from FIBS. Speakers included human rights lawyer Sandra Atler from Enact Sustainable Strategies, Danish human rights lawyer Thomas Trier Hansen from Ramboll and Human rights advisor Marta Piazza as well as Ellinoora Vesala, Head of Domestic operations in SASK ry.

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